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Watts Linkage Kits

Race Products Adjustable Roll Centre Watts Link Kit.

Why use a Watts Link?

A watts link is one of the ways of providing lateral location to your diff housing, which is essential when cornering hard.
Some cars use a Panhard Rod as the lateral location device, but as this is just a single bar with a pivot on each end, it will move in an arc when the suspension travel goes from full height to fully low, this causes your rear wheel to be aligned differently throughout the rear suspension travel.

As the Watts Linkage uses 2 lateral rods and a central Bell Crank as a pivot, the rear diff housing can only move up and down in the suspension travel, the way it is supposed to.

Our Watts Linkage kits have the added advantage of a height adjustable central Bell Crank Pivot which also provides the ability to finely tune the suspension of your car adjusting the rear roll centre of the car.

Roll centre adjustments can have a very beneficial effect on the cars lap times, as you can make adjustments to improve turn in grip, or rear end grip through corners, this is extremely useful when dealing with changing track grip levels, or when going from a low speed to high speed track.
We manufacture this kit in a range of different sizes, to suit small, large, light or heavy cars

 We currently offer the following Watts Linkage Kits:

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