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Tech Articles

Here you will find a selection of technical articles, dimension drawings and instructions to help with installation and maintenance of our products.

If you canot find what you are looking for please contact us for more information.

Floater Kit Installation Drawings

The drawings below can be used to help calculate the width of your new floater kit, and work out where to cut your housing for installation.

1500 Series Steel Floater Kit Installation

1500 Series Flanged Spindle Installation

Camber and Floater Kit Oil Level.

When using our oil lubricated hubs, it is essential that the correct oil level is maintained in the diff housing, some manufacturers standard diff level plugs do not allow enough oil to suit our kits. Below is a drawing and instructions on how to acheive the correst oil level.

Oil Level Drawing

Oil Level and Fitting Instructions For Camber Kit

Watts Linkage Installation Dimensions.

Below is a drawing showing the standard Watts Linkage Fitting Dimensions, this can be altered by shorteneing or lengthening the tower brackets on the diff housing, but should help to give some idea of the space required for installation.

Watts Linkage Installation Drawing

Axle Order Form

When Ordering Axles to suit your Camber or Floater Kit, please use the attached form below:

Axle Order Form

Fitting Instructions

1500 Series Standard Steel Floater Kit Fitting Instructions

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Screw Adjustable Watts Linkage Kits

Screw Adjustable Watts Linkage

Race Products Sheet Metal Diff Housings Now Available

Sheet Metal Housing