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Race Products > Mazda RX7 400 Series Bolt on Camber Kit

Mazda RX7 400 Series Bolt on Camber Kit

Here at Race Products, due to customer requests and feedback we have designed a Bolt On Camber / Toe system to suit Mazda RX7 Series 1 and Series 3

RX7The Mazda RX7 Camber System is based around our fully interchangeable  400 SERIES kit

Giving all of the safety benefits of a fully floating hub, and the performance advantage of Negative Camber and Rear Wheel Toe-In.

As there is no specialised fabrication or machining required, these kits can be fitted by any competent mechanic or DIY repairer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the Bolt in system is based around our modular 400 Series Camber Kit, multiple options are available, depending on budget and intended use.

  • Steel Hub With Barrel Spline Drive
  • Steel Hub With CV Ball Drive
  • Alloy Hub With Barrel Spline Drive
  • Alloy Hub With CV Ball Drive


CV Ball Drive:                 $3960.00 inc GST

Barrel Spline Drive:      $3960.00 inc GST

A PDF Brochure for these kits Can Be Downloaded Here

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