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Material Specifications

Race Products use only the best materials to manufacture our components, we also strictly follow all engineering best practices, meaning that every item we make is batch numbered and can be traced all the way back to the mill where the material was produced.

Below is a listing of the materials we use, and the components they are used for, as well as a link to download the technical data sheets for each of the materials.

6061 Aluminium.

Link to Wikipedia Page for 6061 Aluminium

Used in producing our Watts linkage parts, Brake Caliper Brackets… This is another aircraft grade material that is used extensively in motorsports.

7075 Aluminium.

Used in producing our alloy hubs, this is an aircraft grade material, that is also very popular in top motorsport applications.

Link to Wikipedia Page for 7075 Aluminium

4140 Chromoly Steel

This is a High Tensile Steel Alloy, that is commonly used in the motorsport industry. We use this to manufacture our steel hubs and bolt on spindles, Aussie Racing car axles, and various other parts.

4140 Data Sheet Courtesy of Interlloy

4340 Chromoly Steel

Used for manufacturing our standard Axles, this is a super tough high tensile steel, that we harden further by careful heat treatment. Often this would be used as an upgraded axle steel from many suppliers, for us it is the standard equipment.

4340 Data Sheet Courtesy of Interlloy

EN26 Chromoly Steel

Tougher than 4340, and suitable for high surface pressure applications, htis is the material we use in our standard CV Ball Drive Axles, much stronger than the American Hy-Tuf material, this was also standard equipment in V8 Supercar Axles until recently.

 EN26 Data Sheet Courtesy of Interlloy

300M Alloy Steel

This is currently the best steel available for high performance axles, now standard equipment in V8 Supercar Axles, including Car Of the Future (manufactured by us), and also used extensively in Formula One. This is an Aerospace Material

Link to 300M Information Courtesy of Dynamic Metals UK

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