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Mustang Diff Fabrication

Fabrication Services

If you are interested in a Floater or Camber Kit, but not sure how to fit this, no need to worry, here at Race Products we can fit any one of our kits for you

Our in-house fabricator can carry out installation of your Camber or Floater kit, add new or additional brackets, convert a different diff housing to fit your car (such as a 9″ or Hilux swap) or build a complete new housing if required.

A few examples of our fabricators work are in the galleries below:

Nick Hodson Winters Quick Change Rear End

This is one of the more unusual diff assemblies we hav had in the workshop, a Winters Quick Change. Nick has chosen this for his Hot Rod project.

In order to correctly align the floater ends on this diff, we had to strip the centre, and make custom spigots to fit in the half tubes, we also extended the width to suit Nick’s requirements. We will have more information on this project soon.

Ian Price Improved Production Escort

Ian runs this immaculate Duratec powered MK2 Escort in the popular Improved Production Category, and commissioned us to build a new diff for him.

We installed a 400 Series Weld on kit, Watts Linkage, and Floating Rotor brake setup, and powder coated the housing, so all Ian had to do when the diff was returned was install the Watts Link Body Bracket, and bolt the assembly in.

Troy Lloyd VN Commodore Improved Production

Troy asked us to build a new 9″ housing for his Improved Production car.

We started with a Strange Centre Casing, and added Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing, then created a jig to suit the VN Commodre Brackets, and added these, then created custom Watts Linkage Brackets to suit the kit already in his car, and finally installed a 900 Series CV Ball Drive Camber/Toe Kit.

Phil Crompton Mustang Sports Sedan

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