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Camber Kits

Race Products Camber Kits

In addition to our Floater Kits, we can also supply fully floating hubs with the added benefit of Camber, or Camber and Toe changes.

These kits are aimed at the Circuit Racers and Rally Cars, and come in a range of different styles and sizes to suit whatever type of motorsport you need.

Why should I choose a Camber/Toe adjustable rear end? Quite simply if you are serious about your racing, and want faster lap times, this will be one of the best performance modifications you a make to your car. Some of our customers have gained up to 2 seconds a lap on Australian circuits after fitting our kit, with no other modifications.

We currently offer 2 different versions of our camber kits as follows:

CV Ball Drive Camber System.

This is our premium camber system, and is standard fitment on the New Zealand Super Tourer Series Cars. These comprise of fully floating hubs, made to the same exacting standards as our normal range, but also have our unique billet EN26 Ball drive axles included in the kit.

Barrel Spline Drive Camber System.

This kit was originally developed to suit historic racing classes, such as Group Nc/Nb  and  Touring Car Masters ,  where the use of a ball drive system is not allowed in the regulations. The system uses our ultra reliable billet 4340 axles, coupled with a EN26 barrel spline sleeve to allow the axle to run at an angle. Having proven this system in the above classes, we have now developed a range of kits that can be used for most other race championships, and offer a considerable cost saving over the ball drive system, while still offering all of the safety benefits, and a good range of available camber and toe angles to choose from.

Our range of Camber Kits is expanding all the time, and we are currently developing “Bolt On” kits to suit a range of popular vehicles (link to bolt on kits)

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