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At Race Products, high performance floater axles are one of our specialties.IMG_0059 copy
All of our axles are made in house, from billet materials, all undergo rigorous quality control procedures, are heat treated to exacting specifications, and straight to a run out tolerance better than all the big names.
All materials are batch marked and every single axle we produce can be traced back to the mill where it was produced.

Our current “standard” floater axles are made from billet 4340 Chromoly Steel.
These have been used in everything from street driven Hot Rods to 2000hp drag cars, and some of Australia’s fastest circuit racers.
They are available in 28, 30, 31, and 35 splines, to any length
Priced from $445.00 inc GST each

40 Spline floater axles are made from EN26 Billet Steel, and are available in any length
Priced from $475.00 inc GST each 

Our CV Drive camber kit axles, are made from one piece EN26 billet steel

Our V8 Supercar axles are made using Aircraft grade 300M Steel Billets, these are Gun Drilled for weight reduction, and weigh less than 3kg each.

We can provide custom floater axles for any application, and can include options such as gun drilling and material choices up to and including 300M,  

Interested in any of the above-mentioned parts Contact Us for a quotation.

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Welcome to the new Race Products Website

Welcome to our brand new website.

We are currently in the early stages of development, but soon you will be able to find details of all our products here, plus latest news and devlopments, updates on our new prototype projects, technical articles, and a gallery for our customers cars.


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