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Race Products > 950 Series Spline Drive Camber Kit
950 Series Camber Kit

950 Series Spline Drive Camber Kit

950 Series Camber KitThe Race Products 950Series Camber and Toe Kit is our latest Barrel Spline Drive Camber Hub System.

This system is the latest in our new “Modular” range of camber kits, and is aimed at larger and heavier cars running the Ford 9″ diff or similar.

Like our other Modular kits (the 400 and 750 Series) the 950 has been designed around a large selection of interchangeable options, meaning it can be configured for many different types of cars, and categories of racing

The 950 Series Barrel Spline Drive Kit has been developed using the knowledge and experience we have gained from running our Barrel Spline Dive System in the popular Touring Car Masters, and Group Nc Categories, where it has been extremely successful.

950 Series Camber Kit As this kit comes with weld on housing ends, this kit can be fitted to a large variety of cars, and is suitable for many categories of racing.

We can supply the kit with the following options:

  • Alloy or Steel Hubs
  • CV Ball Drive or Barrel Spline Drive
  • Disc Brake Fitment
  • Drum Brake Fitment for Group Nc / Historic Use

Plus we can offer a range of brake kits to suit

950 Series Camber KitAll Kits Include the following:

  • 4340 Billet Camber Axles with EN26 Barrel Splines (300m option available)
  • All Hardware, Nuts Bolts Etc
  • Quality Timken Bearings
  • Steel Cased Seals
  • Our unique locking system with
  • preload spacers
  • 1– 2.5* Degrees Camber Spindles available        (*Spline Drive)
  • 1mm Toe Preset into Spindle
  • Special tools for axle fitment/removal, and locknut

Priced from $4350.00 inc GST

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