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Race Products > 2500 Series Alloy Floater Kit

2500 Series Alloy Floater Kit

nmr_090805_victor_bray_05taRace Products Have Produced the 2500 Series Floater Kit for Competition Cars, designed to handle well over 3000HP.

As an endorsement of our kit, we are proud to announce that Victor Bray is using one for his latest Burnout Car build.

If you are building a serious Drag Car, then this is the kit to use.

2500_kit_explodedThe Kits are fully comprehensive, and come with Timken Bearings, Unique Locking System, Solid Pre-load Spacers, Steel Cased Seals, Chromoly Lock Washer, and Spin-dle Nut Tool and Wheel Studs.

Our Drag Brake kit is also sup-plied with the 2500 Series, all you need to add are a pair of

Wilwood Calipers (available seperately from Race Products.

Every kit includes all bolts, washers and O-Rings required to complete the build.

Stud Patterns Available:2500_rear

5 x 4.5″ | 5 x 4.75″ | 5 x 5″ | 5 x 5.5″

Studs Available:

5/8″ UNF Only

The 2500 Series will also fill the gap for those who want to upgrade to 40 spline axles and

retain the standard Ford 5 x 4.5″ Stud Pattern.

Price From $2575 inc GST

Measurements, Technical Information, and Fitting Instructions Can Be Downloaded Here

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